Pirelli Sport Dragon Front - LAMS Sport Tyre - Street Bike Parts

Pirelli Sport Dragon Front - LAMS Sport Tyre

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New From Pirelli

Sport Dragon brings all the technology and sporty attitude of Pirelli to medium and low displacement motorcycles, offering a very versatile product for riders using their bikes both for urban commuting and sports-touring.

Sport Dragon brings a new level of versatility to the segment. Versatility means a tyre that improves a motorcycle's behaviour in terms of handling, grip, comfort and safety, especially in difficult riding conditions such as uneven, bumpy roads, even in wet and slippery conditions.

Sport Dragon features all the experience and technical knowledge of Pirelli and applies it to a tyre which offers riders optimal performance in all conditions, be it difficult city highways in heavy traffic conditions, or gravel strewn back roads, either way, the Sport Dragon will cope admirably providing a safe and durable tyre for all 250/300cc category motorcycles

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