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Helmet Sizing Chart

Getting The Right Helmet Size

Your Helmet is the single most important piece of safety gear.  When ordering your Helmet, you are going to need to have an accurate measurmeent of your head.

Use a tape cloth to Measure (in cm) the circumference across the forehead, about 1 inch above the eyes and ears and over the small bump at the back of the head as illustrated, read the size where the tape joins.

Please Note these measurements are only a Guide; sizing may vary between brands and models.

Adult Helmet Sizing Chart (cm):

XS       53-54
S         55-56
M        57-58
L         59-60
XL       61-62
XXL     63-64
Youth Helmet Sizing Chart (cm):

Small       47-48cm
Medium   49-50cm
Large       51-52cm